When Factor 44 invited me to take part in “ISO”, I felt in the skin of a film-maker who must create a film with a subject given by a producer. I was interested in working with that feeling. Could I find a script which would reflect the context of the exhibition? A script which would fit the equation: producer + object-subject + artist-director = art piece? I was looking for the meaning of the « + » in the equation. I concentrated my research on the first part of the equation: producer + object-subject. I was now looking for a production process in which I, the artist, would have minimum input into the art piece.

The different meanings of the word « factor » provided me with the process. First, “factor ” means “an agent, a depositary”. The second meaning is a mathematical meaning: “factor ” is “the number which divides another in a division”. The third meaning is “an element that produces a result”. In French, you can translate the word “factor” by the world “facteur”, which also means a post-man!

I decided that the process of production of my art piece would be determined by what I call “the mail factor”.

I divided the technical drawing into 44 equal parts and put a number on each so that I would be able to recreate the drawing.
Each day (except Sundays and 15 August), ie for 44 days, I sent a part to F44 in numerical order (first day: part number 1; second day: part number 2; and so on).
F44 archived each of the parts in order of arrival.
This process created a new order.
I recreated the drawing using that new order.

Cordial thanks with Anne Buckingham
The Mail Factor
mail art process - affiche
jour fixe, F44, Anvers, 28 sept 2005